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Social responsibility of ABC
Still relatively unknown in Lebanon, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is among the primary concerns of the ABC Group "The confidence our customers have placed in us by helping us to become leaders in our field must be translated into concrete and permanent commitment," argues Robert Fadel, CEO of the company.

That commitment was first translated into action through the social initiatives of the group and its staff. Throughout 2009 and 2010, ABC sought ways to help the poor, especially children.

This included:
  • Providing funding for the creation of Christmas play areas in conjunction with the Brave Heart Association
  • Inviting 600 disadvantaged children to participate in Christmas festivities organised in the recreational areas of the ABC shopping malls in Dbayeh and Ashrafiye, accompanied by ABC staff
  • The Christmas decoration of thirty-care centres and children's hospitals around the country by Group employees
  • Gifts of clothing to NGOs
  • Raising funds for various charitable operations, such as the Lebanese Autism Society (LAS). ABC employees took part in the association’s "Little Bear, Big Heart" campaign, selling Teddy Bears at the group’s malls and stores to help fund public awareness campaigns about autism. The Group also developed an ABC micro-site for the occasion.

Do More:
The ABC Group intends to improve on what it has done by better structuring its social responsibility program. Plans for the 2010-2015 period include:
  • Defining social responsibility by focussing the Group's commitment in five areas: the consumer, the employees of the group, working within the community, environmental protection and good governance
  • Share with all staff the Group's vision of social responsibility and commitment to community service.
  • Promote the emergence of CSR spokespersons within the company
  • Communicate the Group’s social commitment to serve as an example to other companies